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Welcome to CPS Global – one of India’s most loved and test-taker friendly testing organizations!

We realize how important Assessments are for an aspiring student or for the anxious parent whose child is taking the Assessment. Taking a test well is a sure shot ticket to a successful career in life. And so, for almost a decade now, we have been administering diverse tests successfully, with both the candidates as well as their guardians leaving our test centers with a smile on their faces and a deep satisfaction in their hearts.

Headquarted in New Delhi and with 11 testing centers in different regions of India, we aim to provide secure and reliable tests to prospective candidates from every corner of the country.  With the increasing trend for attending prestigious universities abroad, it is our privilege to help students in achieving their dreams of securing admission into reputable institutions worldwide. Therefore, we also impart career counseling and proper guidance to interested candidates, and show them the right path towards a good academic career and a better life!

Apart from Testing Services, we also impart English language skills trainings in different corporate bodies and institutions all over India. This is because, we understand how important it is for employees to communicate in English fluently, and voice their opinions and express themselves in conducting business across the globe. Our existing clients are quite satiated with our trainings, and we are happy to meet their requirements from us.

 Any Security measure in our Test Administration?

We, at CPS Global, realize the importance of having specific security measures for any assessment. With increasing identity based fraudulent actions rampaging testing stations globally, we make sure to instill security checks in every phase of the examinations - right from the time a candidate enters the testing room till the end of his test schedule. From biometrics to photo verifications and digital signature matching, our TCAs make sure that no candidate falls a victim to unsocial fraudulent testing conditions.

Paper Pencil Test OR Computer Based Test

Are you confused as to what testing modes we use at CPS Global? Well, we administer both Paper Based Tests as well as Computer Based Tests in our testing centers. The modes of testing are strictly as per the regulations issued for our country by the Test Administration Authority of a particular Assessment. The GRE and TOEFL, for instance, are only available as Computer Based. But, the TOEIC is both a Paper Based and also a Computer Based test.
But whatever be the testing mode, our candidates are never daunted or perplexed by the assessment ambience, and all credit goes to our ever helpful and lively test center administrators, who make the candidates feel at home all through during the tests’ duration.

So, for all of you who have not yet tested with us, we welcome you to sit a test at any of our testing centers and to those of you who have already been with us for any test, thank you for choosing CPS Global, and we hope to have you with us again!
Because, here at CPS Global,

We just don’t make you ‘Feel the Difference’, we let you ‘Live Through the Difference’!!

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